Friday, July 31, 2009


In 4-H we had a motto - "To make the best better."

That seems to be what's happening to the pothole sign.

One week later, it's still there - with some additions by local residents.

Someone put an impressive mudflap in front of the pylon. (One can't help but wonder what they'll do when winter comes: What will they use to save their parking space?).

If you look closely at the lefthand side, you can see other signs of subversion.

It almost makes me not want to move.



*The pothole itself is still there, too. While hanging out near the sign last night, Bo and I learned from a local activist that some 30 local residents had called the alderman - not the city's 311 number, but the actual office of 50th ward alderman Bernie Stone - to complain about the pothole. Thirty. And still nothing. She loooooved the sign.


  1. where can i get those impeach daley stickers? i need about a thousand plz thx

  2. Chicago living is so great!
    Out here in the boonies, if a pothole like that existed for the same amount of time, more than 1 local politician would be working at
    Don's Steakhouse ((McDonalds)) after the next election.

    And actually, the local people would have just fixed it themselves.
    What is with you sophisticated city people, you don't know enough to get some gravel and cold patch and work a shovel?