Friday, December 04, 2009


Last night Big E and I went foraging for food in the new neighborhood - which I have dubbed Wes Anderson-ville.

Within a single block there is an Ethiopian restaurant, an authentic Mexican restaurant that serves meat-free beans (and where we got a wonderful drink made of red hibiscus flowers, called Agua de Flor de Jamaica), an Italian grocery story / deli with handmade sandwiches, and a large and very busy Mexican bakery featuring every manner of confection, including churros and many types of conchas, a sugary bread.

(This is not good if you are trying to slouch towards a live, vegan and sugar-free diet).

That said, there are many benefits. The gentleman at the Mexican restaurant even showed us the box of dried hibiscus leaves he uses to make drink.

Also within that block is a resale shop and an antique shop, a Turkish restaurant, a pizza place and an independently-owned coffee shop.

It ain't Little India, but it'll do for now.


  1. authentic mexican AND Ethiopian?

  2. Vegan & no sugar?
    Nasty. Why not eat cardboard?

    Gimmee Hot Dougs!

    That said, I hear some special veggie moussaka
    is on the list for the coming feast.

  3. The veggie -- quite possibly vegan -- Chicago-style hot dog at Huey's (I believe in your area) is worth checking out. I ate two, inclusive of fries.

  4. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Your new apartment looks lovely, can't wait to visit it!

  5. g.d. - thank you... you are on it as usual.