Thursday, December 03, 2009


I went to the old stomping grounds to enjoy a coconut and some lunch yesterday.

To my surprise, everything was still there.

We went again today after recycling the boxes used in the move. The food was even better than usual at Uru-Swati.

But it was not easy to get rid of those boxes - especially the special wardrobe containers. (Sadly, there was no room for them in the storage unit).

How hard it is to let go sometimes - even of the most mundane things.


  1. uru swati was just featured in the tasting table online. they probably stepped it up?
    nice to know devon is not going anywhere soon. like india.
    have you been watching bollywood on ifc sunday mornings?

  2. I know "How hard it is to let go sometimes- - even of the most mundane things"
    What helps is a wife that says " I just throw it away when you're at work".

  3. Bindi,
    I teach on Sundays at 10, so never remember to turn on (and tape) Bollywood Sundays. Thanks for the reminder. You up for a movie one of these days?

    Bob - that one made me laugh out loud.