Sunday, December 06, 2009


YogaNow's holiday party took place last night at the new, much-improved Gaylord India restaurant in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood.

Food was eaten, friends were made, and awards were given out for everything from "Best Class Soundtrack" to "Most likely to Sub a Class" to "Best Yoga Book" (Autobiography of a Yogi, which I have been re-re-reading*) to "Most Likely to Open an Ashram."

Guess who won the last one.


*The first time I read this book I was, like, "No way, this is impossible," and stopped reading it. The second time I was, like, "Well, yes, this is possible." And now I think, "Of course."


  1. I hear banks are flush with cost free money (to them, courtesy of the FED & US taxpayers)
    so you just need to do a bizzniss plan and get them to grant you a loan.

  2. Please advise when you open the ashram... or at least start teacher training. :)

    I, too, have been rereading parts of Autobiography of a Yogi (eventhough I only read it for the first time a month ago). I like the part where Sri Yukteswar talks about the astral world (ch 43). Lots of things in the book ring true for me. Reminds me of the importance of where we place our energy...don't wish to cause boils - for myself or another!

  3. Cara- I wish you all the happiness and many wonderful students! I visit Chicago to see family and Nicole. So when I do I will make a visit!

  4. hands down one the the best books I have ever read...and continue to read! xo