Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Although whenever I see an Irish flag, I assume it's the Indian flag* (this building is in the Southeast Asian neighborhood, and is decked out this way year-round).

Plus, the ladies were all wearing green on Devon Avenue last week.


I don't think so.


The History of the Indian flag dates back to the pre-independence era. It was in 1904 that first Indian flag came into being. It was made by an Irish disciple of Swami Vivekananda. Her name was Sister Nivedita and after some time this flag came to be known as Sister Nivedita's flag. This flag contained red and yellow color. Red signified freedom struggle and yellow color was a symbol of victory. It had words "Bonde Matoram" in Bengali written on it. Along with it the flag contained a figure of 'Vajra', weapon of god 'Indra', and a white lotus in the middle. The 'Vajra' is a symbol of strength and lotus depicts purity.

The flag has gone through many incarnations since. Read the whole story here.

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