Thursday, March 11, 2010


From Maharaj - aka, Swami Brahmananda, one of the three main disciples of Sri Ramakrishna - quoted in "The Eternal Companion," by his disciple, Swami Prabhavananda:

"Pray to the Lord. Practice with regularly. Gradually the mind will become inclined to worship and meditate. In the beginning the mind will refuse to come under control, but force it, urge it, entreat it in order to fix it on meditation. Faith and regularity are very important; nobody can succeed in anything without them.

"You have to practice spiritual disciplines in such a way that no matter what your circumstances may be you will follow your regular routine. Once the mind tastes sweetness in the thought of God there is nothing to fear. Seek the association of the holy so that you may acquire that taste. If anybody has tasted the nectar of God's name, is it possible for him to give up chanting it? The power of His name is such that the effect is realized whether one repeats it with feeling or mechanically. The Master [Sri Ramakrishna] used to say, 'Suppose a man is walking on the bank of the Ganges. He can bathe in the river willingly, or he may accidentally fall into it, or someone may push him in. He will have a bath in the Ganges anyway."

Kirtan this weekend! Jump in!

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