Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Despite attempts not to be attached, I've been become quite fond of satellite radio. First,there are two Bollywood stations. Second, Rosie O'Donnell's radio show is awesome (I also dig the psychic/intuitive Mary O, not to mention the British pet psychic).

From what I can tell, Rosie is a yogi. She is incredibly positive, and seems plugged in to The Reality. She uses her platform for good.

She's also really, really funny *and* a rabid feminist (only she never throws it in your face).

Plus she does the show out of her house on Long Island, with her high school friends as co-hosts. Her kids come and go when they're not at school.

Today, Larry David was the headlining guest. He said he was "leaning towards" doing another season of Curb. Rosie said she's leaning towards a daytime TV talk show.

They talked about how difficult it is to do standup - especially when the audience is rude and talks through their act (hmmm, sounds familiar).

And of course they re-hashed Rosie's appearance on Curb last season:

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  1. Thanks for that Cara.
    No American tv here.
    And that was fun!