Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saw that coming....

There's been so much traffic that the metal plate has shifted to the point where it is no longer covering the pothole.


Some cars end up hitting both the metal plate *and* getting a tire stuck in the pothole.

Some cars make a severe swerve around both.

At least it's at a jaunty angle...

Upon closer examination, it seems the pothole is indeed the tip of the iceberg, with a sinkhole below - as Dreyfus predicted.

You can see that it's already receding further, and will soon become a massive hole, capable of swallowing whole Halloween Trick-or Treaters.

In the meantime, it's a convenient place to store leaves.


  1. When I hear the word sinkhole it always makes me think of 'The Lovely Bones'. Then I wonder about the physics of sinkholes...what creates them and how they work?

  2. It is hard to believe the lack of service of any kind you receive living in Daleytown.
    Why do people continue to put up with the constant BS?
    As always, they have their best people on that sink hole repair.
    Witness the pic

  3. I dunno what creates them but it is difficult not to think that it has something to do with patronage/ awarding contracts to cronies. Or perhaps it really is a "natural" ocurrance"....

    I am taking Drefus's advice and not parking near the thing (interestingly, the spot is almost always open).