Saturday, October 16, 2010

In terms of self-care, are you the Kaveri Lodge, the Southern Star, or the Lalitha Mahal?

I was never a fan of Rosie O'Donnell until I got the current car and heard her show on satellite radio. She's hilarious and is clearly a yogi, - even though she doesn't perform the poses (for the record, most of the great yogis and saints have only performed a single asana - sitting with a straight spine).

The other day Rosie mentioned that she once heard Queen of Self Esteem Regina Wiechert speak on self-care. Wiechert asked the audience members to assess their level of self-care and said, "If your self-care were a hotel, what hotel would you be?"

(NOTE: self-care includes diet, sleep, medical care, dentistry, friendships, exercise, relaxation, spiritual path - the whole nine yards).

I used to be the Rustic Inn in Rolla, MO.

I still love the Kaveri Lodge in Mysore.

But now I'm probably the unpretentious, mid-range Curzon Court in Bangalore, with cool marble floors, cable TV, room service and A/C.

Which hotel are you?


Photo courtesy of Travelpod.


  1. i stayed in a new place with a pool in kovalam during the tsunami for 2 months. i liked that the best. the room also had a tv-a first for me in india. and the hindu delivered to my door. only rps500/day.

  2. Dear C
    I was going to begin answering by saying, depending on who is paying the bill. If the client is paying, I'm the Ritz Carlton. If I'm paying it doesn't have to be a name brand. But I'd like to aspire to a Park Hyatt in a resort location.

  3. Perhaps I didn't phrase it correctly.

    In terms of self-care, which hotel are you? (NOT: Which hotel do you like?).

    Is your diet healthy? Do you do your practice? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you take care of yourself? Then you are a "good" hotel.

    If it's the opposite, well, then perhaps you are figuratively sleeping on a rooftop.

  4. Hilton Hawaiian Village, Rainbow Tower. Warm, sunny, massive beach.

    2nd place goes to the Victoria Jungfrau, Interlaken Switzerland.
    Old school European class.

  5. In terms of self care, I'd say I'm a really nice beach hut on stilts. Think:

    The care is good. The maintenance is good. No tv. :) But every once in a while I must be "rebuilt" or receive maintenance in some way... rotting wood must be replaced, etc. And sometimes a big tropical storm comes and kicks me on my arse. I try to avoid those.

  6. Le Mouton Blanc ( in Mont St. Michel, France. Old and simple, but friendly, especially to children and dogs. And great food--yes, I'm well-fed thanks to my husband.