Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Day

Today Dharma spoke at length about Samyama. Samayma is a combination of Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (absorption into the object of meditation).

When you do Samyama on the guru for 30 minutes, you can feel what he feels and know everything he knows. "But you have to surrender."

He also shared some healing techniques.

Then Dharma read from the Yoga Sutras, and discussed some of the benefits of intense concentration. He said that it's best to get a translation of the Yoga Sutras that have no commentary. . He said to concentrate and reflect on it when the mind is calm. "Then you will be able to get the meaning of it." [EDITOR'S NOTE: Beginners who have little experience with asana and the other limbs may be better off with commentary].

Then we did the exercises.

Afterwords, Maru and Torsten (with the help of JenWik) laid out a wonderful vegetarian feast, complete with home-made bread, guacamole, bowls of jicama and brown rice, squeezed-to-order orange juice, raw almonds, many types of sprouts, and much, much more.

Beforehand, Dharma led one of the most poignant prayers of gratitude I've ever heard. Then we ate.

Next we returned to the large shala for the final program

As we entered, Maru and Torsten (pictured, above), handed each of us a small white box tied with a red string. It had some holes in the side, and a top.

"Don't shake it, and keep it upright," we were told.

We all took seats near Dharma. I got a spot near his feet.

Across from me, a woman's box began shaking and clicking.

"Hmmm... Mexican jumping beans?" the mind couldn't help but wondering.

Next, we were asked to remove the string.

"Now, whisper a wish into the box," said Maru.

I brought the box up to my face, and whispered into the small holes cut into the side.

Then we were asked to remove the lid.

Fifty butterflies of every color flew out of fifty boxes.

The mind could hardly comprehend the beauty of it.

Some went right out the door.

Others stayed around for awhile.

But eventually they all left....

Carrying our wishes with them.


NOTE: The butterflies were not in the boxes for longer than 30 minutes, and came from a friend who breeds them. In other words, no butterflies were harmed. Ahimsa in action.