Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jumping Jacks and Lemony Oranges

On Thursday morning, Dharma discussed the eight limbs of yoga.

Then it was time for the physical practice - or what Dharma calls "the exercises."

I had the privilege of assisting Dharma with the class, which meant I didn't have to do the warm-ups.

In other words, I got out of doing the dreaded kapalbhati jumping jacks.

Instead, I got to assist and adjust, which was wonderful - and something I will always remember (and be grateful for).

* * *

That afternoon, instead of going back to the hotel, I stayed in the jungle - where it began to rain. I abandoned the hammock and took cover in the small palapa. There, I stayed in the digestion pose for 20 minutes after eating, as Dharma suggests (and which one rarely has time for). Then I rested, followed by asana, breathing and meditation. It was wonderful to sit still as the rain fell, the tiki torches were lit, and the sun went down.

That night we did no asana. Instead, Dharma discussed the three gates to hell (wrath, lust and greed) and the kleshas, among other things. He also told many wonderful stories to illustrate the points he was making. I heard things that were completely new to me, and again was floored by his knowledge and generosity.

As he was leaving that afternoon, I handed him a peeled orange. He wanted to know where I got it.

"Right here," I said, pointing to the table near the door.

"The orange you gave me yesterday tasted like lemons," he said.

Somehow, it made me love him even more.


  1. Oh you lucky thing indeed! He is such an inspiration, I hope one day I can go on a retreat with him. Thanks for sharing. OH and what is the digestions pose? I think I need this one ; )

  2. エスタ:

    It is actually the Sleeping Baby Pose:
    lie on the belly with the left arm and leg straight (left hand near hip) and right arm and leg bent 90 degrees. The left cheek is on the mat.

    I hope you get to study with Dharma! He comes to Japan from time to time but has said he wishes to travel less in 2011.

    Om Shanti

  3. I would of loved to hear the stories he was telling. Someday soon. See you in class on Thursday, if we don't get 3 ft of snow.

  4. it is nice to read you

  5. Thanks. Am seriousl considering going to NY at some point, the feeling that I must learn from Dharma Mittra is growing stronger and stronger.

  6. エスタ:

    Please don't ignore that feeling!

    They just opened a brand-new studio in New York on Saturday, called Dharma West. Now, there is room for everyone.

    Om shanti.

  7. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Quite an honor to assist him! 'Twas a blessing. :)