Friday, January 21, 2011

Temperatures in the negative double digits today

The streets were closed off when I left YogaNow this morning, to make way for the frigid Windy City visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao. Our lame-duck mayor has been working tirelessly to make Chicago an investment and corporate center for Chinese businesses. A cynic might say that, in other words, tax breaks will be given, deals will be cut, gobs of money will be made, and local manufacturers will suffer and eventually die off. You can hear an interview from yesterday's "Worldview" with fellow NewCity alumnus Ted Fishman, author of China, Inc., here.

When I got home, the temperature in the apartment was 63 - reminding me of the old place on Washtenaw. Kirby had been basking in the sun - smart kitty! - and didn't seem to mind. And I was happy that I'd stayed and practiced in the toasty room at YogaNow.

So I put on long underwear and a few more top layers, canceled this afternoon's movie outing with SportMarty (who was hiding under several layers of blankets), turned on the space heater, and put some (vegan) chili on the stove. (It tastes much better than it looks.... which is a bit like womit).


  1. Snuggle in Doll.I'm about to leave work and do the same. The Chili looks yummy!

  2. That chili actually looks good to me!!!

    Funny but in checking out menus for potential lunch destinations today, Mkl commented on the biscuits & gravy at Counter. (It's vegetarian). I warned him not to get it. I ordered it once & it arrived looking like 2 mounds of barf with a side salad. He said that's what it *should* look like.


    I can't believe Chicago gets that cold. I'd never survive!