Friday, April 29, 2011

It's harder (and funnier) than it looks....

Seasoned practitioners of ashtanga vinyasa yoga can forget how hellish (and hilarious) the practice can be.... is.

Ashtanga student Dan Borden started creating these awesome drawings while struggling through his first few weeks of Mysore classes with me.

He showed them to me some time later.

They're wonderful reminder of how ashtanga can be poison in the beginning.....

....and nectar in the end.

If you stick with it, that is.

See the whole set here.

And get Miserable YogaMen on t-shirts, stickers, buttons, etc. here. Dan says he'll donate any profits to a yoga charity.


  1. This is funny, I would love to link to it if you don't mind :-)

  2. Of course but plz include where u found it & a link to this blog. Thanks!

  3. Oh absolutely CK I would never do it any other way, besides it is great for more people to find your blog it has LOTS of resources :-)

  4. I figured you would . Thank you & Om shanti!

  5. glad you guys enjoy the pictures! feel free to pass them around and share with whoever you want. I can also send you the image files if you want to put them on a shirt or print them yourself.

  6. So Cute! I love it!