Monday, April 25, 2011

Now Playing in Chicago

Blockbuster comedy film director Tom Shadyac's new documentary I Am is screening in Chicago.

It's about how the multimillionaire fell off his bike, suffered for a long time, and came to the realization that the affluent life that's held up as the American ideal is actually empty and meaningless. So he gets rid of a lot of his stuff, sells his Pasadena mansion, moves into a (posh) trailer (in Malibu) and sets out to find answers to two questions - What’s wrong with our world? And what can we do to make it better? - by interviewing everyone from Archbishop Desmond Tutu to the late Howard Zinn.

(You can read the Los Angeles Times's not-too-keen review here).

The film's title is based on the one of the most basic mantras, "Soham" (I Am), and it espouses some concepts that will be familiar to any serious student of yoga:

-All living things (even yogurt cultures) are connected.

-Not following your intuition (ie; your heart's desire) will cause you to die a little every day.

-All living things are hard-wired to be empathetic - not competitive.

-Nature functions because it is cooperative, with each being taking only what it needs

Sadly, the film has nothing to do with Neil Diamond - whose songs sound even better now than they did in the Seventies:

Here are the screening details:

AMC River East 21
322 East Illinois Street, Chicago, IL
11:55am 2:20 4:55 7:20 9:35pm

See Tom Shadyac on Oprah here.


  1. That sounds pretty good!!!

    I have to decide if Lazy Linda can handle two events next Saturday. There's a "Teach-in" concerning Indian Point from 4-6pm. Three speakers. Then there's the Bhagavan Das 7-10.

  2. You already know everything there is to know about Indian Point, and the information will only inflame you and create more rajas.

    The kirtan will leave you in a sattvic state.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful link!
    Desmond Tutu's comment says it all,
    We "belong" to each other.