Friday, December 16, 2011

Johnny B Visits Garry Meier

A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that Jonathon Brandmeier would be the new morning man at WGN.

A short time later, Johnny B. appeared on Garry Meyer's afternoon drive show on WGN.

Unplanned (as it seems) or not, the interaction between these two local talk radio legends is amazing:

Johnny B. is clearly on the Vata spectrum, his ADD in full swing.

Pitta-Kapha Garry is the calm, sharp-minded professional - who gets in a few really well-placed barbs.

I've watched the video twice and have trouble looking away.

Click here here to see for yourself. (This was shot on Garry's birthday, by the way).

Learn about the doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) here.


  1. Oh, good! Something about the way Johnny B. talks makes me giddy for mischief.

  2. Not related to this post but figured you'd most likely know, Lino's 2nd & 3rd series dvd with Gwendolin Hunt, it's full vinyasa right? Tempted to treat myself for christmas. Oh and seeing as I've finally gotten into the kirtanish Bhagavan Das tracks, who else do you think I might like.
    Happy holidays CK

  3. I'm digging Bombay S. Jayashri's "Shravanam" and I think you will, too.

    I'll ask Lino about the vid.

  4. He says it's two years old and that it's *not* full vinyasa.

  5. Thank you CK like Jayashri;s Shravanam a lot, thanks too for finding out about Lino's 2nd, appreciate it.

  6. Hmmmm...

    In 1999, Lino produced a video demonstrating the full form of the first series to provide a visual understanding of the vinyasa system. Two years later a second video followed (2001), where Gwendoline Hunt and Lino performed the full form of the intermediate and advanced A series. Recently a new video came out (2008), produced by the Astanga School of Rome, in which Lino demonstrates the daily practice of the first series and which also includes extracts of him teaching.

  7. Thanks CK, the plot thickens. Curious nobody seems to have seen it or if that did it must have been a long time ago or perhaps because it was in PAL format, though on DVD now (actually I've no idea what PAL is except that you can't seem to watch it everywhere...or couldn't). I've only been able to find it at Yogamatters over here and they've hiked the price up over $50, could go direct i guess but don't think Lino has Paypal.

  8. If it doesn't work out, perhaps Lino's poster / Dharma's poster would. Lino's is at and a small, framed, affordable version of Dharma's can be found at