Monday, December 12, 2011

"Chandra Chooda Siva Sankara Purandara dasa Raagamaalika" by M L Vasantha Kumari

Composer: Purandara Daasar
Language: Kannada


  1. It's off-topic (sorry!), but I couldn't help but notice that EVERYONE at work is wearing black, gray, and brown today. We are one drab bunch! Don't know the significance, but since you seem to have an interest in colors lately...

  2. It's two things

    -People tend to be lethargic/depressed when it's dark out. One way to combat it is to wear colors.

    -I've also noticed that from time to time a class will arrive wearing the same color.

  3. Well, that's interesting!

    We tend to show up in my office wearing the same colors too. I wonder why that happens. Certainly I don't call my coworkers so we can dress alike.

    And I guess I ought to overcome my lethargy, sort the laundry, and find something bright to wear with my dark suit. Or break out the red coat.