Saturday, March 18, 2017

Departure Day

Had a wonderful chat with Miss Y yesterday (she was my primary "India coach" for my first trip to the Motherland, back in 2002). She'd literally just returned from 2.5 weeks at the Govardhan Eco Village north of Mumbai. It had also been her first trip back since 2008, and she kept marveling at how much easier things are now.

We shall see.

Miss Y is also the one who gave me my first India advice, which my first yoga teacher, Suddha Weixler, had given to her:

"Expect the unexpected.”

And now, back to packing....

Miss Y and Miss Om with Geetha's Mum (top) in Mysore in 2004, with Bindifry (middle) halfway up Chamundi Hill in 2004, and at the predecessor to Yoga Now (Yogawerks) near Cabrini Green in 2002.

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