Monday, March 20, 2017

Here Itself

This is my first trip to India in  nine years,  and my first visit the north. The last was to Mysore in 2008, to visit Sri K. Pattabhi Jois one final  time (he passed the following year). 

As I was leaving the plane i  was immediately struck by the warm, welcoming humid-smoke scent I associate with India, and began to tear up; why had I been away from home so long?

I was able to sleep in today until about 9:30, and was thrilled to awaken in India. The palms, the birds, the scent, the feeling of being in the arms of the mother (no joke since we are staying with the OM's own Mum).  The feeling of being home.

After a leisurely breakfast watching (well, one of us was watching)  the final day of the  India-Australia cricket match, we took darshan of the sea, 


had an excellent capuccino at a delightful AC cafe, and then headed to ISKCON for a sumptuous vegetarian buffet meal at Govinda's. Jai Shri Krishna!


Later we had a walk along the sea on the first day of spring (vasanti). Many others were out, taking the air.


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