Thursday, March 23, 2017

Shiva & Ramakrishna


Yesterday morning, we stopped at a Shiva temple on the way home from the beach. It was one of those quieter , unattended temples - my favorite - at least when I was there. The attendent (not a priest) next to the Linga gave me a vessel of water and I was allowed to bathe It. Afterwards we talked about about Lord Shiva and his family and attendants.

"The Guru is not different from pure, unbounded consciousness, the Self. This is the truth. Without a doubt, this is the truth. Knowing this, the wise ceaselessly strive to realize the true nature of the Guru. "

-Lord Shiva to Parvati, in the Shri Guru Gita

In  the evening we went to the hip neighborhood of Badra for dinner at a place where they showed classic silent movies on the front wondow,  which could be viewed from both outside and inside.


But beforehand, we stopped at the Ramakrishna Math, where they were in the middle of the evening Aarti. The Bhajans were really lovely, and a little faster than the ones I remember them having at their center in Mysore.  I used to go there quite a bit on my fast few trips, and found it to be one of the most sattvic places in the city.  The one in Mumbai has a similar bhava or feeling. 

"If you must be mad, be it not for the things of the world. Be mad with the love of God."

-Sri Ramakrishna

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