Monday, October 11, 2004


Well, this color matches my mood.....

On Saturday I went to to my alma mater's Homecoming........ for work-related reasons (It wasn't until senior year that I realized we had both football and hockey teams). The date coincided with the fifth anniversary of my father's death, and I'd been morose, to say the least, all week -- and dreaded the trip. Once there I proceeded to cry buckets during the "moment of silence for Foresters we lost over the past year" during the awards convocation, and then fumbled and dropped my notebooks and stuttered while interviewing Oprah's favorite interior designer Nate B., who is quite charming and took it all in stride. Then across the street to The Mansion, to crash breakfast with the Really Important Alumni. I got right in despite my giant pants (apparently I'm now a size five) and jacket from Dots, and turned on as much charm as I could given the circumstances, and wound up talking to a geezer who'd attended the school at the same time my mother'd been there (she had to leave and become a model after her father ran out of money sophomore year). He was a treat, talking about how there had been WW2 vets on the football team (apparently they had one even back then), and how he went there because he didn't want to work in a factory...... and how he stayed because he didn't want to be drafted into the Korean War. I liked that guy. He had a good face. Then there was the parade, in which the frat that once wanted to kill me (and did indeed have their pledges publicly attack me) threw tons of candy in my direction. I also caught a giant white 2004 pledge t-shirt, which my radio station friends and I took care of later. At the football game I interviewed an upperclassman guy from the Really Rich frat who also did a radio show way back when about why he goes to HC every year (apparently some people find it fun). Then he asked if he could ask me a question. Uh, Ok. "Do you give?" What? "Do you give to the College Fund." I can't give, I'm POOR. "Well, you could give $25, couldn't you?" I LOST HALF MY INCOME THIS YEAR, ASK ME NEXT YEAR.

After leaving campus, which is always an emotional experience, almost as intense as going back to my hometown, I had to spend an entire hour doing Target therapy. (The one in Highland Park is much better than the two we have here in the city).

And I'm still reeling from the experience....

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