Tuesday, October 05, 2004


So much media over the weekend, so little time to process it.

In addition to Last Shot (or do you say Final Cut) I saw one of the final performances of Matt & Ben (in which women play Msrs. Damon and Affleck during their early days in Boston. They're struggling to adapt Catcher in the Rye into a screenply when the script for Good Will Hunting falls from the sky... which is *not* how Add. and I got our teleplay, by the way). We also watched Supersize Me. Can I say the director is no Michael Moore, and that he and the famed vegan chef girlfriend are not believable as a couple? Why didn't they ever show the food when it came *out* of him? And how about the part where he says all of his memories of his mother place her in the kitchen (cut to stills of her in the kitchen). Maybe it *does* make sense that his S.O. is a chef atter all......

Oh yeah, touched my feet (ok, big toes) again in Kapotasana. And held the wrist in supta kurmasana and pashasana....Not that it matters.

The heat has finally come on in my apt. So where it was frigid 'tis now sweltering. Which could be why they put in so many windows. *Love* waking up in a place with windows. And a real bed. And water pressure. And a kitchen, dining room, living room, etc.....

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