Friday, October 15, 2004


After hauling around a few ounces of extra stuff in my shoulder bag last night (and getting caught in the rain while on the bike) I woke up with a massive headache today *and* a sore neck. Since my two private lessons both cancelled I slept in (no Target Therapy for me for awhile), which only served to make me more tired, and did Surya A and B and the standing poses and drank some mediocre chai (wrong soymilk) then headed over to the so-called shala to teach. It was FRIGID in the studio, and after a discussion with the director (who wanted *me* to call bldg management) I started class in a foul mood indeed. But about ten minutes in the heat came on (noisy, knocking radiator steam heat, the best) and it was as if the clouds had parted and music started playing. Afterwords some compliments on the class, which helped considering that all morning I had earned less than $10 (cancellations + low attendance + free classes for newbies in Rocktober = no catfood for Kirby). Which I promptly spent across the street at S&G.

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