Saturday, October 02, 2004


The only ashtanga blogger I follow with regularity just finished up his first week in Mysore. It appears his experience ("I love being here" / "I love my fellow yoga students" / "I love the Indian family I live with" not to mention he gets tons of adjustments, the food agrees with him, etc.) is the flipside of my own:
Maybe it's just an attitude thing. Or maybe his parents took the Xmas tree down at the appropriate time.

Lately I too have been enjoying some of the smaller things. Like Last Shot last night followed by ice cream at Something Something Slab in Evanston. Good company, free parking, popcorn, and some laughs (in which the women got the best lines) followed by amazing full-fat coconut chocolate mint decadance. OK, so all three of us were wearing Mary Janes and needed Coca-Cola to stay awake and the jazz band on the way to the W.C. was far too loud (the poor employees) and I lost my favorite earring, which I wear every day and they don't make anymore....It was still a pretty good time.


Denis Leary

Gen. Wesley Clark

German Chocolate Cake


Happy Students

Cold Snap

Nag Champa Candles

Smart Wool


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