Sunday, December 12, 2004


Saw Closer last night with The Serb; all that breaking up and getting back together... I wanted to knock their heads together and say, Move on already, Get over it. Each and every character was manipulative and odious, so in a way they all deserved each other. As in real life, water seeks its own level; sleaze goes with sleaze . But did we have to watch it? Also it was obvious from the stilted dialog that it was based on a play. T.S. was not impressed, either...but the chocolate and dinner afterwards were good. Turns out T.S. was 9 when Tito died; after that Yogaslavia had eight rotating presidents, one from each state (imagine if the US had 50!). Unlike the rest of the Eastern Bloc they were allowed to travel; people would drive six hours to Italy to shop. Who knew? T.S. started a rap radio show in Belgrade when he was in his early 20's (he's but 35) and moved to the US a couple of years later (his green card is for work, thankyouverymuch). His partner ended up on TV and is a huge celebrity.... T.S. didn't meet Chuck D. until a couple of years ago -- and was disappointed. He too loathes the suburbs and has never heard of Emo Philips (he works in Downer's Grove). Or Glen Campbell. Or Patsy Cline.

My girls helped me get my furniture back today -- it was left out in the vestible for us -- and on the drive home we glimpsed the vex pulled over on a side street, talking on the phone. I feel very tired indeed. And melancholy. And yet more like myself than I have in nearly a year.

And that's on a moon day -- with no yoga.

I hope I can stay awhile.

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