Wednesday, December 15, 2004


The neck and back hurt so much yesterday (after Monday's intense chiro adjustment) that I felt physically ill (what else is new). Of course I attribute it to calling someone a Babbling Nincompoop in print. It's not me, it's me.

These things helped the pain radiate and then finally dissipate (at around 9PM):

Getting up at 6 to rewrite the Naked Poetry story for the Backwards R.

Standing poses

Subbing a Mysore class (one person sans wedding ring!)

Doing Judith Lasater's "Instant Maui" (a reclining restorative posture that utilizes many, many props) for 20 minutes when class ended early.

Meditteranean omelette (yeggs bad, yes, but apparently vegetarians who run around like a headless chicken need protein and it ain't bad when combined with fresh spinach, feta, tomatoes, oregano and verboten onions) and flapjacks at the Orignal Pancake House.

Traumeel (arnica cream) on the neck and shoulders.

Gallons of water.



More editing.

Checking the Backwards R's rewrite

Finally taking the generic equivalent of Aleve

Subbing an Ashtanga Basics Class at the Habitrail Club (that's exactly how it smells), and doing a lot of demonstrating

Swimming 1/4 mile

Steaming for 10 minutes.

Long hot shower, with tons of psi's of water pressure aimed at sore areas

Pockets for dinner (piping hot wheat bread and vegetables)

Watching the Amazing Race with friends, while wearing bandannas (the show's take on Senegal is a bit different than the rural, tribal one depicted in Moolaade -- which everyone must run out and see before it goes away. But it was highly entertaining to see that woman dismiss Dakar as being "ghetto" and watch the Richard Simmons guy almost slug his put-upon wife VICTORIA! -- nailing her backpack instead -- and observe the Dad break down at the slave trading place and later try to drink all the beer in East Berlin while his daughter begged and pleaded for him to drop the stein and go on with the race).

Watching last week's episode of Lost (more offspring freaking out over dad's drinking problem)

Triple chocolate cake (usually a migraine trigger, but not today).

Liking the Backwards R's Final ReRewrite (look for the story in Friday's paper -- very funny if I do say so myself). Please let them tout it on the cover.....oh wait. Forget I said that. Ego is bad. At least as bad as yeggs, if not worse.....


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