Monday, December 13, 2004


I went out on the bike four times today. I don't even know the exact windchill (5 above? 5 below?). Suffice to say I saw just one other cyclist the entire day.

The first time out was to do a private le$$on.

The second was to visit my friend LK and her daughter Sunny, who is exactly that, for chatting and saying hi! hi! hi! over and over again (somehow it never got boring) and sharing a fabulous lentil curry.

The third was to visit the chiro, who had a lot to do to put my back back together again (it hasn't been right since The Bike Crash and *really* started to throb after we picked up my furniture yesterday. Detoxing I guess). At the chiro I saw the man formerly known as The Vegetarian MBA with the Good Head of Hair. From now on he is to be called The Babbling Nincompoop. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But we need to bring back the word "nincompoop." I've been trying for years but have had no luck. And man, he can talk.... On the way home I picked up some lobster claw or Vulcan bicycling gloves, which are like mittens split down the middle -- and which supposedly keep the fingers warmer. Fifteen bucks off! I put them right on -- even took the tags off (not my style) -- and snotted them immediately. So I guess I won't be taking them back anytime soon.

The fourth trip was to teach at The University with the Happiest Students in the America. It's true -- they have no preconceived notions about what they are and are not capable of, and just try things -- and end up doing them. Very little mind-stuff. Today a woman who's been coming for a year surprised the hell out of me by standing up from backbend on her own (three weeks ago I negated some advice from another teacher -- one who has yet to stand up on her own -- who told her not to use her hands. HELLO? The way I learned -- from Sharath primarily, and many others -- is that you use both the hands and the feet and the breath and the bandhas. Or am I missing something here?). Then another one went into headstand for the first time, by herself -- like it was nothing. It's really nice to see.

And now it's bath-time. So I won't be frigid no more.

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