Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Why does it irk so much that the stepmotha got remarried?*

I have to say, I could get used to using a PC. For one thing it's compatible with this web site, which means I can do cool stuff that the puritannical Mac of mine just won't allow. I suspect it's even photo ready--....

The Mac will apparently be resurrected on Friday. Good Friday.

*Maybe because it renders meaningless the fact that several lives were ruined or interrupted or derailed or corrupted forever (much like over 6,000 of my iMac files) because of her union with my father. Yeah, that could have something to do with it... And now it's a given that my brother and I will never see the weak single dollars my father left each of us in the will he made three days before he died.

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  1. Just concentrate in the cool stuff the PC lets you do and everything will be ok...