Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today's Vocabulary Words:

Timings - schedule
Cell - battery
Load Shedding - power outage

I have to urinate so this will be brief.

The local section of yesterday's Times of India had a huge inside feature on foreigners coming to Mysore for study (music, yoga, etc), with a nice picture of John and Sheri from NYC, with coconuts, on the cover. The highlight was an interview with Sharath accompanied by an old photo of him (with a moustache) and Madonna. The interviewer asked all things we're dying to know, like, "Talk about your jet-setting lifestyle." But the power is out at the moment, which means that apart from the glow of computer screens it's completely dark at My Net* and I can't read the text. And the article doesn't appear to be online yet (you can check here). So I'll excerpt it some other time, when there's no load-shedding. How's that for a teaser?

Yesterday I brought poor Andrea-from-Thailand, who has a very sore knee, to the lady ayurvedic doctor behind the Kaveri Lodge. The consultation seemed to be going well -- lady doctor advised seven treatments of massage with special oil and steaming -- until lady doctor asked Andrea her weight and height, showed her a little chart, and tried to sell her HerbaLife.

If any yogi out there has a number for Dr. Kumar the ayurvedic doctor (not to be confused with Kumar the ponytailed motorcycle-riding ayurvedic masseuse), please forward it posthaste.


*When the power goes out the computers stay on as long as the browsing center has a generator or backup cells.

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  1. I knew I was onto another fake book when I said yesterday I was going to write a book about you Mysore yoga peeps, but now I'm going to make it a book about MY fake Mysore yoga exepriences, since no one over there will talk to me.

    I wonder if I can Oprah to shill for my new Mysore yoga book?

    looking for a title, what about
    A Million Little Backbends?

    Or MY Friend Downward Dog?

    Big Jim