Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Today's Vocabulary Word:

Browsing = internet cafe


The place will be full when you arrive.

If it's not full, there will be one remaining computer -- the one with the keyboard where the space bar sticks.

The browsing center doubles as the unofficial headquarters of the city's mosquito population.

The sole computer with a USB port will be the one using Windows 98 --and incapable of uploading photos onto your blog.

The computer that can upload photos won't have a USB port for your thumb drive -- where all the photos are.

Once you sit down, five friends of the person next to you will arrive, pull up plastic stools, and read every page you look at and every word you type. One may pick his nose.

Once your blog is composed -- just as you're about to hit "PUBLISH" -- the power will go out.

At least one computer will be playing the soundtrack from "Fanaa" at full volume.

Service will be slower than dialup.

The speed problem is always with "server in Bangalore" -- the cyber-center of India -- and never with the browsing center.

Once you're finally able to get to your e-mail, you will have to urinate.