Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Only a Couple of Which are Vocabulary Words:

Make a Move -- to leave

Roam -- to gallivant

Caca has become so tired and despondent after looking through and being sorely disappointed by her 2002 Mysore Missives -- which some have said should be turned into a book -- that she has taken to using a nom de plume and writing in the third person.

Perhaps that means it's time to post some photos -- a laborious project when one is using technology that makes her vintage iMac seem cutting edge in comparison.

Mysore sunrise, as seem from the loo in Room 17 of the infamous Kaveri Lodge

Coconuts after class; some use the right hand, others the left -- and there's nowhere to sit. This is where most of Caca's social faux pas take place.

Droopy poster for the Hindi fillum Gangster, which was easy to follow even without subtitles.

The real reason Caca is so popular among the locals.


  1. It was fun talking to Caca today via Skype & mobile technologies.
    Now what you need is a fast wi-fi connection for your 'puter.
    Luv the pics.

    I really like the idea of that book deal we were talking about.

  2. Hey Cara
    Eric told me about your blog...I always enjoy your tales from the east...hope to see you soon teaching class on Lincoln Ave!
    One of your on-again, off-again students,

  3. PSUMysore5:26 PM

    Oh your blog is a real riot! You write like a true local :-)) I will be arriving into Mysore this Sunday and can barely wait to check out everything. I have been enjoying Matrika;s blog. It sure is fun to read all the things that happen to you. More so, since these are such commonplace experiences but when you put them into words it is such an interesting vignette into life in a small town. Try and read Malgudi Days by R. K. Narayan. You should get them at any bookstore.