Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Today's Vocabulary Words:

UPS = backup battery used to fuel Interweb cafes, etc. during power cuts

Snap = photo

I'd half-composed a rather vitriolic post, but I'm visiting Prashanth's new browsing center. It has all new equipment, a USB port or two, and brand new everything -- which means I should be able to post pictures. But it just knocked me off Blogger and it's late and the bedroom beckons. In any case the vitriol will have time to fester a bit.

The obligatory cow photo. Here in Karnataka state, the cows say "Ambaa" -- not "Moo." They are unpaid the members the city's Streets and Sanitation division, for which they mow grass and clean up trash. The end result is a cleaner city and of course cow pies -- which are dried and used as cooking fuel. Unfortunately they're not unionized.

When Caca goes to see a fillum she buys a ticket by talking to a hole in the wall. Literally. There is a man on the other side who may or may not be a prisoner of some sort. Either way, you gets your ticket. The sound system at this talkies, The Rajkamal, is chennai g'day.

The famous clinic near the fabulous albeit habitually late tailor Sachin and Bharath Labs, where Caca plans to get a mammogram -- her first -- for Rs 600 (around $13).

When I told Prashanth that we'd ridden scooters to the jungle he was aghast. Apparently it's not uncommon for tuskers to attack people on two-wheelers In fact, not long ago one went after a yoga student on a motorcycle, and put a big divot in his seat. In fact, Matrika knew this and did not tell me until long after we'd arrived at the jungle lodge.


  1. Nice pics!

    I like that sign at the piles clinic,

    'get cured without operation'

  2. > Apparently it's not uncommon for tuskers to attack people on two-wheelers

    Indeed. Two folks I knew were chased on the way from Mysore to Coorg