Friday, December 08, 2006


Today is the 75th anniversary of Jane Addams winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

She did her good works in the immigrant slums of Chicago.

But is there a statue of her, or some kind of monument?


In fact there's not a single statue of a woman in the entire city.

But we do have statues of Very Important Dead Men, such as:

-drunken sports announcer Harry Caray

-average gossip columnist Irv Kupcinet

-and fictional TV character Bob Newhart.

Lest you think this affects only women -- there's no statue or monument to the city's first non-native resident, Jean Baptiste Pointe duSable, either.

Despite the fact that a group of activists has been lobbying for one since the 1920's.

Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that he's black.

Nothing at all.

Such a melting pot, this.


  1. Up in my neck of the woods they put a "Bewitched" statue in Salem, MA. There was much debate, but in the end the statue won out because the city wanted the revenue.

    The statue was a promotion for an awful movie based on a mediocre tv show. It does not appear that the stunt increased ticket sales.

    It does help, however, to paint the witch trials as something fun and something that we should be proud of.

    Of course, there's no mention of the fact that the women they killed weren't really witches and it was just religious hysteria based on the fear of sexuality in young women.

  2. Chicago/Cook County is corrupt Caca, the monuments can be found where the takers live and play.
    Look at the pension increase Bobbie Steel stole.

    Cook County Board President Boobie Steel has an opportunity to get a $136,000.00 pension, if she retires from the county board in the next few weeks. Her pension as a County Commissioner would have been $68,000.00, but since she served as Interim County Board President her pension option has increased 100%.

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  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

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