Saturday, December 02, 2006


While on my way to pry my car out of the snow yesterday, I trudged past the small Baptist chuch.

The church doesn't really fit in with the rest of the affluent, verywhite neighborhood.* Suffice to say that while the not-so-local high school girls have been issued short black hooded parkas with fake fur trim, the local moms all wear expensive untrimmed North Face.

As I rounded the corner I noticed a bevy of local North Face-clad brats lobbing snowballs at the church.

I was incensed.

How dare they, I thought. I'm neither pro- nor anti- Jeebus, but I do believe that one should at least pretend to respect other people's gods.

Then I noticed they were being egged on by a North Face Mom, who was encouraging them to hit the sign attached to the church.

She kept saying, "Hit the L! Hit the L!"

And when they started in on each other she said, "Don't hit people. Hit the church."

I nearly exploded.

But instead I held my tongue and stared, hard, while I cleaned the snow off my car.

It was the wet, heavy snow that is perfect for snowman-making.

While cleaning off the car my 20-year-old snow removal device, which had been given to me by my mother, broke in half.

Only later did I realize what I should have said.

CACA: Are you telling them to throw snowballs at A CHURCH?

NF MOM: Yes. So?

CACA: What do you think that's TEACHING them?

At least I caught them in the act....

The little Fauntleroys' aim really sucked though, didn't it?

You could even say it was god-awful.


*Caca lives in a large apartment building on a very busy street that abuts this high-class neighborhood.

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