Monday, December 18, 2006


The setting is a quiet, well-appointed health club yoga studio that overlooks a large body of water. NINETEEN PEOPLE have just awakened from the final resting pose and are sitting on their mats. Their hair is not perfect. They know this because they are looking at themselves in the mirror that spans the front of the room.

The SUBSTITUTE TEACHER, sitting in the front of the massive mirror, brings her palms together in front of her chest and bows her head. Her thong is not showing. The students know this but she does not.

" Namaste," says the substitute teacher. " Thank you for coming."

The students mumble something that sounds like "Nice day to you, too" and start to collect their things.

But the substitute teacher isn't finished with them.

"If you liked this class, I'm teaching again on Sunday morning," she says hopefully.

The students glance at her.

In the same hopeful tone, she says,

"If you didn't like this class, I'm teaching again on Sunday morning."

Guffaws galore.

It gets 'em every time.

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    drum roll, then, wait for it,