Friday, December 29, 2006


Today's Sun-Times carried the headline Duty Delayed.
I hate it when that happens.

The New York Times carried a stinky piece called Meditate on Thi$, about how yoga is big business.
Apparently Liz Claiborne bought Prana.
Longtime yogini Donna Karan would have been a far better fit.
Speaking of which....the reporter neglected to mention that yoga plays a prominent role in the overplayed TV ad for the Herpes medication Valtrex.
Because yogis can be carriers, too.

Also today -- Merce Cunningham turned 87.
His voice soothes like no one else's. And his outlook!
I'm pretty sure he's self-realized.
Sometimes he goes around in a wheelchair
Nonetheless NewYorkians can apparently still take classes with him.
Lucky CSers.

Speaking of self-realization.... Dharma Mittra sometimes goes around on a Segway.
He's 67, and I'm pretty sure he's a clairvoyant.
NYers can still take classes with him, too.
Just don't ask too many questions about teacher training.*


*The person I've been e-mailing about TT has been giving some, uh, vague answers about the reading list and the required "apprenticeship." I know I should take it all on faith but as a starving skeptical journalist I'm just not there yet. If anyone knows anything, please do tell.

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