Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Caca's Mid-January Index

7: Number of classes taught Sunday and Monday

40: Size of largest class

1: Size of smallest class

4: "Importance of Savasana" (corpse pose) speeches by Caca

15: Number of walk-outs prior to Savasana, despite speech.

3: Attempts to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate

1: Of which was successful

1: Massive moderno art print (above) gifted to Caca by her friend

2: Nails required to hang print above dining room table

1: Jackhammer so loud it awakened Caca this morning

11: Water Department men standing around "working"

1: Exchange with Water Department men:

GUY ONE: You want his autograph for that picture?

CACA: Nope. I just need the image, thanks

GUY TWO: You sure?

CACA: What's going on, anyway? What happened?

GUY ONE: The water main that serves these three buildings here is ruptured.


GUY TWO: We called the managment company -- the number that's on the side of the buiding.

CACA: That's not a management company -- it's the owner.

GUY ONE: Well, did they call you and tell you that the water will be off?

CACA: Nope.

GUY ONE: Well it'll be off most of the day

CACA: That's OK. I have backup water. I know what to do. I've lived in India.

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