Monday, January 15, 2007


I started to feel nauseous during Class #1 this morning. After class #2 it was compounded by chills and exhaustion, and I thought I'd go home and sleep it off -- and pray I wasn't getting sick.

But Henry the Punk came by to practice, so I stayed and did some Yin Yoga (long holds that target the connective tissue) and mellow restorative yoga, including Judith Lasater's super-calming Instant Maui.

It was the opposite of ashtanga, which is very Yang and muscle-oriented. Today there were no vinyasas or jumping around or creating heat, no set series of poses. Instead of holding poses for five breaths, I stayed a long time in each. Instead of grasping and clasping, I focused on letting go.

It was like getting high on different drugs.

Heroin instead of crack.

I even caught the nods.

Afterwards I felt like new person.

So well in fact that I was able to keep my Noon appointment with the chiropractor

Which was a good thing, because my neck and shoulder were messed up.

Last week I suffered a massive headache that stuck around for two days.

On Friday, when I was feeling better, I got kicked in the head while helping someone into a forearm balance.

Saturday's fabulous massage -- B. found and loosened so many knots that tears started to come -- nearly did the trick.

Today's mellow practice and chiro visit sealed the deal.

As did the fact that it snowed a bit today -- for the first time in 44 days.

Snow is powerful stuff, too.

Especially if you're an uptight half-Scandinavian c**t from McHenry.


  1. Uptight what? From where?

  2. Anonymous11:39 PM

    have you ever tried cupping?
    it's great at getting rid of knots( and "toxins") as long as you dont mind all the hickies.