Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Last year someone in Mysore gave me some Ambien to take on the plane home.

"You'll sleep all the way to Amsterdam," she said.

I was skeptical -- I don't take sleep aids -- but took half of one anyway.

I slept through the in-flight movies.

I slept through the meals.

At no point did my legs become restless.

Nor did I feel the need to shift in my seat.

I awakened refreshed in Amsterdam.

So refreshed in fact that when I learned my connecting flight to Chicago had not only been delayed but no longer existed, I was able to deal with it. Like an adult, even.

I've not taken Ambien since - even though I'm a disturbed sleeper.

Nonetheless I would like to have some on hand for this trip,.

So I called the doctor's office.

The woman in charge said they could not give a prescription over the phone unless I'd been there in the past three months.

I said I'd been there recently and asked her to look it up.

Turns out I was right.

I asked again if they'd phone it in.


She would not budge; I had to spend $50 on an office visit or go without.

I started to feel like an addict needing a fix.

I called Dreyfus to vent.

While talking, it occurred to me that there may have been some left over from last year.

I tore the place apart.

After some time I found something curious inside a pillbox tucked into an obscure cabinet; two white pills twisted inside a plastic bag.

Enough to get me to India!


  1. Call to Dr. Dreyfuss = free.

    Tell your doctor to screw herself.

  2. Anonymous5:09 AM


    Your friend in Erlangen might have a couple extra Ambiens. Let me check.

  3. Taking Medicine while flying is big NO NO. you can never react quickly in case of emergency !!!! you better off just watching a movie and falling asleep.

  4. What the world eats, and what it costs.

  5. Damn this crappy interface.

    Here is that link, unmolested.

  6. pssst..i know of an on-line place....if you need more.
    ( )

    ambien is like poison to me. but after 6 months of insomnia the first time
    i took it it was like a miricle!

  7. Today on the news there was a story about flying long distances and taking sleeping pills. Bad idea because the inactivity over some many hours increases the chances of getting a blood clot.

  8. Thank y'all for your comments. I did only take HALF of one last time around -- and don't plan to take more than that. I've also been advised to do a Jerry Lewis and stay up all night a couple of days before leaving -- not hard to do in a city where they celebrate the Fourth by shooting bottle rockets at passersby 24/7.