Friday, June 01, 2007


The Midwest Yoga Conference takes place this weekend, at the Indian Lakes resort in suburban Bloomingdale, IL. Presenters range from Beryl Bender Berch to Lilias Folan to Rama Berch (although most are men -- including someone named "L").

I was meant to go and take a workshop this afternoon with Paulie Zink (who is Paul Grilley's teacher). I've been obsessed for him for awhile; for 30 years he's taught Taoist Yoga in relative obscurity in rural Montana. He's also a martial arts champion and has a big moustache and is one of the kindest people I've ever spoken to on the telephone (as is his wife, Maria).

Anyway, when I was partway there, exhaustion and gastro-intestinal problems set in and I turned around and went home. Lucky for me, there's very little that toilet time + sleep + ginger ale + Turner Classic Movies won't cure. I'm feeling better now and hopefully will make it there tomorrow. A full report will follow - including details of Chris Kilham's workshop, "Yoga, Sex, and Ecstasy."

In the meantime....

The top photo shows the nearby Buddhist Temple, which is decked out for the Bodhisattva's 2631st birthday. That's old. I drove by the temple yesterday after interviewing Sivananda teacher Radha/Gloria at the Heartland Cafe. She's been teaching in Chicago since 1977, and I'm pretty sure she's the one who taught me how to do headstand without a wall when I took classes there a decade ago (when NU was closed). I'm working on a piece about Chicago's Sivananda Vendanta Yoga Center. August marks its 35th anniversary at its current location, although it opened in the 1960s and was housed downtown in the Fine Arts Building. Apparently Swami Vishnu-Devananda visited often (and Gloria/Radha was one of his direct students). It's also the 50th anniversary of his arrival in the US. And I thought Mr. Iyengar had a good head of hair.....


Below are dollar pineapples at Stanley's. One day they were there (I bought four) and one day they were gone.

Apparently the season is over.

No one told me.

But mango season is in full swing. I even saw the $35 crates of super-special Indian mangoes on Devon Avenue the other day. There are hundreds of types of mangoes in India, and (according to Devdutt), babies use the pits as rattles. But due a trade ban (because of fruit flies) we haven't been able to get them since the 1980s. But it's been lifted, and they're here. Now.

If you want to go in on a crate of Alphonsos, lemme know....