Friday, June 08, 2007


While everyone (Clooney, Cheatle, Barkin, Willis, Damon, Mac -- all but Pitt) was in downtown Chicago at the theater next to the Well-Designed Health Club last night for the premiere of Ocean's 13,* it was so windy out in the sticks that a tree blew onto my nephew's house.

Well, nearly onto the house.

But it could go at any time.

Any advice on how to remove it without wrecking the roof?

This nephew, by the way, is the one who keeps coming into contact with poop at family events, yet doesn't even flinch.

*The Ocean's foofaraw closed the street next to the club, so I couldn't drive down to teach. It was too windy to bike, and severe weather was expected. So I took the El. On a 90-degree day. Blech!**

**Catesey worked the Ocean's 13 premiere, and promised to compose a tell-all guest post sometime this weekend. Something about a certain young movie critic wanting three VIP seats for his three female companions, who were most definitely not on the list.***

***Apparently three is the new foursome is the new threesome.

Photo courtesy of Dreyfus

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