Saturday, June 23, 2007


These two pictures appeared -- separately -- in the inbox last week.

Dharma MIttra -- on the streets of NYC. Notice the straight arms and fingers; this is also the correct method in ashtanga vinyasa yoga.

Guruji -- after recovering enough to come down to the shala two weeks ago.*

*Which reminds me: Students should practice ahimsa and stop bringing sweets and chocolates to Guruji, as it will only cause a relapse. It doesn't matter how much he likes it: sugar is very bad for him.


  1. Anonymous10:24 PM

    That v-neck t-shirt is ten kinds of cute.

  2. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Anonymous request from The Internet, if you have a moment - those white marks on Jois's forehead put me in mind of some similar markings I recently saw on the face of Indian Chess Grandmaster Krishnan Sasikiran, as here - - I take it they are badges of status, class, or merit, but I'm wondering if different types/sizes/shapes of markings mean different things - a visual vocabulary, as it were. Any idea?

  3. Regarding the white (tilak) marks; there are usually three thick stripes, which denote a worshipper of Shiva. An upside-down wishbone with a spot of red denotes Vishnu, and so on. More here:

  4. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Thank you very much for the explanations!