Thursday, September 20, 2007


I taught 20 classes in one week.

I met five deadlines.

On Sunday, I had my first day off in over a month (since coming back from India) and drove out to McHenry for a christening (which I missed) and luncheon (at which I overate).

On Tuesday I ate something bad, and on Tuesday night I womited (but only air would come out).

On Wednesday I spent the day in bed, cancelling appointments, lining up subs and indulging in the darkest of thoughts (the ones where you question every decision you've ever made).

And on Thursday I began to pick up the pieces....


  1. Glad to hear the pieces are being reconfigured.

    Sounds like you are going through what I like to call a "threshold" phase which is almost always painful.


  2. I hope you're feeling better, about everything.