Monday, September 24, 2007


Seventeen students are scattered haphazardly around the studio. Each sits on a pastel-colored yoga mat. Most are in a forward bend, one leg straight, one foot on the thigh. Over half are looking at themselves in the massive mirror that spans one wall. The teacher sits in front of the room, demonstrating as she leads them through a sequence of seated poses. One man is not following along. He sits on his mat, legs akimbo, looking around. A few poses later the teacher walks over.

TEACHER: Are you OK?

MAN: Yes.

TEACHER: There's no problem?

MAN: Will this be over soon?

TEACHER: Will *what* be over soon?

MAN: (gesturing) These forward bends. My hamstrings are tight.

TEACHER: Most of the poses we're doing today are forward bends. You could do them with your knees bent if they bother you.

MAN: Oh.

TEACHER: Don't you like forward bends?

MAN: (rolling up his mat) I just don't think I get a lot of benefit from them.


  1. fun! i had a class like that tonight. everyone wants yoga to be easy stretching that magics them into beautiful people with flexible hamstrings. i was getting a lot of dirty looks from people tonight. it was free class night at the YMCA, people will take a class in trimming their nosehair if it for free.

  2. That is a hilarious story!

    Gorgeous photo. Reminds me of Howard Hodgkins' paintings.

  3. I love it. It even illicited a laugh from mr.d who is feeling very :( today. xo

  4. Gridlifes' romantic consultant5:16 PM

    Can Gridlife bend at all, forward or back?

    That was Gridlife, right?

    Or just a generic student without benefits?

  5. chuckle. thanks for that!