Sunday, June 15, 2008


Morning Mysore with Manju has been wonderful so far.

Yesterday I practiced next to NYC teacher Greg Tebb, and borrowed some of his boundless energy during backbends.

I stood up and dropped back with relative (for me) ease.

Afterwards we went across the street for coffee talk.

Such a treat, to have such conversation and connection with the teacher(s).....

Manju also brought my old teacher Eric Powell with him to Chicago. Sadly I did not get to see him. Last I heard he was still in Istanbul, where he's been teaching the past two years. Apparently he's now back in NYC.

Eric is the one who told me back in 1998, as he was leaving Chicago, that I should take over some of his classes. I was horrified of course. "Absolutely not," I said. He talked me into it of course. I took Suddha Weixler's training, and began teaching that same year.

I still teach his old Sunday noon class at the Chicago Yoga Center.

And, this week, I also teach 18 other classes.

Nineteen classes in seven days will be a new record for me - if I make it through.

The key is to remember to offer it up...

To do my practice (with Manju!)....

And take proper rest.

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