Sunday, June 22, 2008


The Aleve ad is finally out; Catesey spotted it in the July issue of National Geographic.

I would be the one with the straight legs (on the left), forming the first hump of the "M."

The unexpected modeling gig helped ALEVE-iate the high cost of air travel to and from NYC for Dharma MIttra's advanced teacher training (where we met for one looooooong - 45-hour - weekend each month from February through May).

The audition took place during a blizzard. Yet somehow all of the models were perfectly made up.

The shoot took place on a subzero Monday morning at 8AM, after a gruelling weekend of teacher training.

My flight from NYC was delayed and didn't get in til after 11:30PM the night before: nonetheless I awakened at 5AM to raid my closet and teach a 6:30AM class before the shoot.

It's a good thing you can't see my face in the photo.

Nice work, Andrew!


  1. that's great!
    aleve is also very effective for yoga related injuries & pain (i know you probably don't take any drugs)cause it's anti-inflamitory

  2. Hi CK
    I love the photo shoot. The photographer is very creative and funny.