Thursday, June 12, 2008

JUNE 13-20

If you can't make it to the source, go to the teacher who's spent the greatest amount of time with the guru.

Manju is Pattabhi Jois's son. Guruji started teaching him yoga when he was 8, and Manju began teaching others when he was 15.

He's lived in the US for eons, and is one of the few teachers who has a thorough understanding of both traditional ashtanga and the western mind. He also knows the correct pronounciation of the asanas and chants. Sanskrit is a precise language, and misprouncing even a single syllable can completely change the meaning (Let's just say that when Manju does the opening mantra, it doesn't sound like no "CHARRA-narra VIN-day")

He also has a refreshing attitude about the asanas, which he tends not to hoard and fetishize. Instead, he says, "They're just poses."

Manju will be teaching daily 6:30-8:30AM Mysore classes in Chicago for seven days, starting this Saturday:

Sat June 14
Sun June 15
Mon June 16
Tue June 17
Wed June 18
Thu June 19
Fri June 20

The cost is $215 for all seven classes, $170 for Mon-Fri, $40 for a single Mysore class, or $35 each for two or more sessions.

Manju will also conduct a weekend workshop July 13-15 and a five-day teacher training starting on the 16th.

Manju's weekend workshop is wonderful because it goes beyond asana, and includes mantra (chanting) and pranayama (breathing practices). If you feel like there is more to ashtanga than asana, this is the workshop for you.

All events are at the Chicago Yoga Center, 3047 N. Lincoln Avenue (773-327-3650).

Details here.


Photo (c) 2004, from Manju's first Chicago teacher training - where Cara the Giant and Krista first met.


  1. I love the quote about the guru. Where did it come from?

  2. The quote is from me itself.