Saturday, June 28, 2008


We will do asana *and* explore the other, oft-overlooked limbs of yoga this afternoon.....

This workshop is perfect for those who suspect there's more to yoga than postures and want to know more.

These sequences and practices were learned directedly from Sri Dharma Mittra, a true yogi who has been teaching classical yoga in all of is aspects since 1967. Dharma says:

"The Yoga Poses are just a preparation for the practice of meditation, and better than meditation is to renounce the fruits of your actions. Now learn to serve others first, and show love to all beings and living creatures."

If you don't have any money, it doesn't matter. Please come anyway.

Dharma Mittra-style Maha Sadhana with Cara Jepsen
Yoga Trek Center, 911 S. Lombard in Oak Park
(one block from the Austin 290 exit & the Lombard Blue Line CTA).
1-3:30 PM
Suggested donation $25, or pay-what-you-can

This amazing session -- it means "The Great Practice" - will help to deepen your yoga practice. It begins with spiritual Purification discourses and practices (including sound work) and continues with in-depth, long and challenging Shiva Namaskara posture practice, a classical hatha flow that is invigorating but not exhausting. It will include a healing deep relaxation and a meditation practice. Personal attention and helpful hints are given throughout the session as well as direction toward the true goal of Yoga - union with the Self. For Intermediate thru Advanced Yogis.

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  1. I really wish I would have known about this! will you be doing this again? when you return from India, I'd like you to come out to the studio where I teach in Sycamore (next to DeKalb) for a Dharma Mittra workshop....if it's not too far for you! the owner has put me in charge of workshops (Suddha is there on 10/19.)