Saturday, August 30, 2008


This picture was taken in a grocery store; it's a promotion for the big Ganesh festival next week. If you look closely, you'll see shoppers in the background.

Ammu and I took the train to Bangalore on Thursday.

At my insistence, we shelled out for the AC chair car.

We were picked up by Suresh, in an AC Toyota Innova.

He brought us to QE's air-conditioned villa in a tony Bangalore suburb.

Which caused Ammu to dub me the AC Rani.

* * *

QE fed us wonderful food, and later we went to the corner with the baby and got ice cream. Before bed, QE and I watched the first half of the lush costume drama Jodhaa Akbar. Now that's the life....

Yesterday QE, the baby and I had a leisurely morning (well, nothing is leisurely when you're the mother of a 17-month-old). We did our practices, and later went again to Bangalore's fancy mall The Oasis, where I finally found curtains for home (not too expensive, no too heavy) and bought too many new tops - one of which crosses a traditional Indian kurta (long top) with early American Pilgrimwear and some checkered thing one used to wear during the heady days of ska.

Surreal example of east-meets-west at the big scary mall. Notice that the most western mannequins have the worst posture.

Today, Saturday, I got up at 4 (QE got up at 3 in order to do her practice; for her, all is coming) and did a brief sit before heading out to Cubbon Park for an early morning constitutional. The drive that usually takes 90 minutes took just 30 at 5AM. The air was clean and all kinds of people were out and about: Muslim ladies, old people, young people, groups of friendly older gentlemen, middle-aged women with short hair and western dress, a single woman my age (graying hair, no toe rings) walking her dog. Most of the dogs on leashes are purebred, and the owners requires carry big sticks to scare off the homeless park dogs, who seem only to be looking for biscuits/love. QE noticed that some dog owners use a sawed-off golf club for this purpose. The park is akin to NYC's Central Park (except that here the playground doesn't open til 10AM, which we found out the hard way - by opening the gate and walking right in). There was a large group of men doing yoga, led by a man with a microphone; when we walked out they were all in the resting pose.

Later we enjoyed a poolside breakfast at the club - if one goes to any more of these buffets she will have to eat watermelon every day when she gets home, not just on Mondays - and had a rest. They're shooting a car commercial in the neighborhood, and we had to wait a bit when we went back later for some swimming. It was wonderful, since it's been so hot here. We were picking up some things at the grocery store when the monsoon struck again; everyone stood under the awning and watched and waited until the heavy heavy rain tapered off. The monsoon has been strong over the past week, and there's been a lot of flooding in the neighboring villages (also in the news; attacks on Catholics in Orissa, up north).

Tomorrow hopefully we will go to satsang with QE's guru before I catch the train for Tirupati.


This monument is across the street from the green dosa restaurant. Within spitting distance are ganga smokers; some are sleeping, some are intently watching with red hazy eyes and do not notice my poor form.

Rani getting the ears re-punched. Ouch!

You can buy a mosquito net for your crib. They come in three sizes. Not only does it keep the mosquitoes from getting in, but it also keeps the baby from getting out.

Who doesn't love Aamir Khan - India's answer to Tom Hanks?

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  1. tom hanks is a huge insult to mr. khan.
    he must not have any hair for an upcoming movie.
    i like him better with his gorgeous long locks and beautiful moustache aka the rising.