Friday, August 15, 2008


The former:

is slogging the exhausted body through Friday's 4:45AM led primary series practice and its endless Navasanas, Setu Bandasana, backbend and Utplutith and then hearing, after a few seconds of respite, "You go home take rest."

The latter:

Taking rest in the women's closing room. Pure sattva.

* * *

Post is short because of today's trip to Bangalore.

Happy Indian Independence Day and Vara Mahalakshmi!

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  1. Cara!
    I miss you, but feel like I should tell you that you are crazy to think about coming home befor you have to! I am very much looking forward to learning more from you. So I really do want you to come back soon. But contentment is sometimes hard to find. Why rush if it's possible enjoy it a little longer. I have really been enjoying your blog. I feel like I can feel you smile through every word. Thank you for giving me a peek into such a special place :) -Lorena