Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Caca's giant knickers. Rather than putting them on the clothesline, which seems a bit unseemly, I let them dry in my room - where just a few eyes can pry.

There's something about a ladies holiday coinciding with a full moon that makes it pure hell.

The. body. was. so. tired. on. Monday. it. could. not. have. practiced. if. it. had. wanted. to.

There. were. cramps.

There. was. exhaustion.

There. was. full. apana. or downward-moving energy.

One felt like the heavy girls who used to sit on the bleachers during gym class, too beaten down by hormones to participate.

I did rouse myself long enough to take a bath, do some laundry (this means hand-washing clothes in the same bucket you use for the bath) and some writing. Most important, I managed to have a sitting practice. Sometimes, one is so tired while sitting that it feels like ecstasy. But one suspects it's just what happens when you're on the brink of falling asleep.

Then I went to see Krista for a massage. This time, she worked on the lower, middle and upper back and neck. The neck in particular was a mess from carrying heavy bags all weekend.

Afterwards I felt human enough to meet K for lunch at Veg Park. For dinner, Ammu and I went to Saptagiri.

But the sensation of exhaustion never really left the body and continues today (Tuesday).

One can recite "I'm not my body, I'm not my mind, Om Om Om Om" as much as one wants, but when the body does not feel right, it can begin to feel like one really IS the body, and nothing else.

But not for enlightened people. I'm near the end of the book The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. It's near the end of his life, where he goes into samadhi time and time again while enduring a painful battle with cancer. Despite the pain and discomfort, he has been imparting everything he has to his students.

Now that really IS transcending the body.

And it makes one feel a little lame for complaining about a little ladies holiday.


*In Mysore we are asked not to practice yoga during the first three days of Ladies Holiday. Traditionally, ladies in India do not cook or appear in the normal part of the house during this time, but stay in a separate place and rest. The reason seems to be that they are considered to be polluted, and should not defile the household. Similarly, women are not allowed in temples and holy places during that time. At home, I don't practice on the first day of ladies holiday because the body is simply too tired. In India, regardless of my personal opinion, I try to respect the local customs.


An e-mail recently went out to authorized teachers (ie; not me). Apparently changes are afoot regarding regulations. Read more here.


  1. I saw them hanging in the window. This is all true. :)

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog.. Actually I'm falling in love with it :)
    Was that a "pink train" I've never seen one!! The window pic is hilarious :P

  3. I didn't need to see those undergarments. I'll probably go blind.